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During the transportation of cosmetics, temperature, humidity, shock, delay, deviation from the intended route etc. always cause additional cost to companies and erode their competitiveness.

Through ZillionSource’s “Door-to-Door, Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility & Control” solution, cosmetic companies are able to check a full suite of parameters like temperature, humidity, shock, light, pressure, position, routes, acceleration, orientation etc. by table or by curves:


If there is something abnormal happens to the cargo in-transit, ZillionSource platform will immediately send out alarms by phone, SMS, email  to avoid quality degradation and  cargo theft, to predict the arriving time. To sum up, the solution will provides real-time supply chain visibility  for  3PL management and better enterprise planning.

ZillionSource’s platform is also capable to exchange data securely with existing enterprise system like ERP via API and web service.